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Chain Management

Chain Management of Mistral software and Software solutions for trade and tourism

The management of commercial chains has its specific set of needs. Anyone with experience in this difficult field can attest to the need of a centralized management via a suitable information system, which can assist the decision making process.

The centralized management model assists the managers with the following:
• easier implementation of price policies – promotions and agreed prices for delivered goods;
• single data base management location;
• increased analytical capability and comparative analytical functionality;
• centralized staff management – often employees work at more than one location;


The number of restaurant and retail chains, which choose Mistral is constantly increasing.

Following you will find some of the reasons why.


•  Mistral has a unique system for synchronization between the central location and its subsidiary locations. All the operations between the locations are carried out in real time during business hours and following the synchronization there is full information about the implemented changes. The synchronization process never interferes with the workflow. The end result is a unified database with all operations from all locations.

• Management of payments and agreed delivery prices is done centrally. Pricing policies and implementing different prices at different locations is done centrally as well.

• We offer the integration of a cloud customer loyalty system, allowing customers to receive similar or different conditions within the various locations.

• Database management is done at one location by a qualified employee and all the locations simply use the implemented changes.

This centralized management solution will allow your business to increase its level of productivity, dependability, and security, which in turn will enable your staff to carry out their responsibilities in the most efficient manner. Additionally your administrative staff has a secure and easy to manage infrastructure.

All the generated data is accumulated, creating a flexible software environment for analysis. The system is designed so it automates, systemizes, and controls the processes within the warehouses of the commercial establishments.