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Mistral Retail Store is a fully functional product, which has two modules – Warehouse and Sales. These modules cover all the activities connected to the product flow within the establishment: order-delivery-sales-accounting- order.

Mistral Warehouse can carry out warehouse management and all the various types of warehouse operations and Mistral Sales respectively supports all the various sales operations. Through the warehouse mode of operation you can input all the database information needed to ensure proper software operation. It also defines the software users, logs deliveries, performs inventory audits, accounts losses, etc. The software also offers an extensive set of pre-defined reports as well as the ability for the User to define new ones.

Access Level
Within Mistral there are two types of users, Administrator and User. Administrators have full access to the system and Users have only the level of access defined by the Administrator. You can create different types of pre-set User accounts and can also easily create a universal User account

When logging a delivery you can track the last delivery cost, the difference between the delivered item cost and the average cost for the delivered item. Each delivery can be entered separately and can be logged along with the accompanying documents (invoice, receipt, etc.), mode of storage, mode of transportation, exact time of delivery, and expiration date.

Agreed Delivery Prices
The Agreed Delivery Prices are set and cannot be altered. In case they are altered, the logging of the delivery will not be possible.

Goods, which need to be accounted as loss can be taken out of the warehouse stock and entered in the system as loss. You can view information regarding when was the item accounted as loss, its value and whether it was accounted at sales price or delivery price.

Inventory Audit
Inventory audits allow you to check the existing inventory and to find any discrepancies between what is in stock and what should be in stock according to the system. The quantitative and financial discrepancies according to delivery prices are established.

Item File
The system stores extensive information about each of the items in stock. This innovative interface allows you to access and modify information about all of the items in stock. You can enter information about each item in stock: date made, mode of transportation, storage mode, producer, etc.

All the barcode types are supported (including weight barcodes) as well as more than one barcode per item.

Customer Returns
Each returned item is logged in the system as such. You can execute a report, which will show you what items have been returned and which employee accepted the return.

Item Blocking
You can block items from being delivered, sold or from both. This block can also be setup to be valid during a certain timeframe.

Report Generator
The report generator allows you to create all the reports you desire. If the integrated pre-set system reports do not meet your needs you can easily customize a report to satisfy your specific requirements.

Warehouse and Warehouse System
Mistral Warehouse allows you to define multiple warehouses, independent of each other. It also supports subsidiary warehouses.

Centralized Management of Remote Sites
Quite often there is a need for a centralized warehouse management i.e. one central warehouse with subsidiary warehouses (all at one site or far apart, communicating via the Internet). In this case the central warehouse accepts all the deliveries and then distributes the goods to the other warehouses.


Till and Financial Operations
You can define common or individual user tills, each allowing for their own set of specified financial operations (expense planning, credit card payments, etc.). Each till can be attached to a given user, thus allowing for full accounting of his or hers incoming and outgoing payments

Data Export and Import
Our software product has the built-in functionality to export and import text or Excel files. Additionally you can use this module to export data to a variety of accounting systems.

Supported peripheral devices
- all fiscal printers and the majority of cash registers made in Bulgaria;
- all kitchen and label printers made in Bulgaria;
- all scales made by Elicom and Datecs as well as all the popular scale models;
- all standard barcode readers;
- magnetic strip card readers;
- contactless card readers;
- customer displays;
- safes;