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Mistral Hotel is a software for managing small and medium size hotels. This platform has an easy to use interface, which facilitates the easy assimilation of the software. The application can function alongside our restaurant, retail store, and fast food products. It can automatically export data to the majority of accounting software on the market. Furthermore it can control telephone switchboards, locks, card readers, fiscal devices, printers, I.D. card readers, and it communicates with access control systems.
The interconnectedness between the reception desk and Mistral Restaurant permits the automatic transfer of checks from the various businesses within the complex to the customer’s bill and also enables the utilization of flexible discount and bonus schemes. The software can print all the needed documents such as address cards, invoices, inventory receipts, various orders, etc.

Main Functions

Hotel layout – enables you to enter the number of buildings, floors, and rooms.
Reception desk – reservations, check-in, check-out, printing address card lists, customer data base, relocating guests, adding various services to the customer’s bill, calculating vacant rooms, and many others.
Financial operations- deliveries, logging payments, transfers between cash registers, hotel guest bill tracking, and many others.
Excel import and export.