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Fast food

Especially developed to meet the specific demands of Fast Food establishments.

It has all the capabilities of the restaurant version but it has its own sales interface, which facilitates the selection process. An important characteristic of this version is the Dynamic Package Item capability. What are Dynamic Package Items? When you want to offer a few items as part of a combo meal you can define the combo meal in such way that when it is sold, it displays a few recipes. In the case in which the combo meal is defined during the customer order, you can create a Dynamic Menu, which allows the customer to select from a group of items and to define his or her own combo meal. Quite often such customer orders are to-go orders for the home or office in which case the software can print item labels for the customer’s order.

What are the advantages of utilizing the Mistral software in Fast Food establishments?

You receive an overall picture of the flow of money and goods. This is achieved as follows:
- you can track what is in stock in real time;
- you can receive full accounting information for each employee;
- you can instantly perform an inventory audit;
- you can instantly modify the prices;
- you can apply various marketing strategies (bonus points, membership card discounts, happy hour, etc.)
- you can make the process of inventory orders and deliveries automated;

The software interface is flexible and has extensive functional capabilities. It will facilitate the duties performed by your employees and raise their productivity. Speed is one of the most important components in this type of activity. Our product will help you to find your own vision and style of work. You can modify the touchscreen settings to correspond to your taste and work needs – colors, pictures, and captions.