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A successful management requires precision, speed, and reliability.

Mistral Restaurant is a management software, which is constantly adapting to the particular demands of the food and beverage industry. It can be easily configured for various POS environments and hardware devices.
This software product will allow you to quickly scan products and perform different financial operations. It is easily assimilated by new staff members and provides you with the ability to track every system operation, thus granting you better and more complete control capabilities.
Through the extensive set of tools such as bonus points and various price list activation by a pre-defined set of conditions you will be able to maximize the impact of your marketing strategy.

The quality of your customer service will define your success!

Access Level
The Mistral software lets you define the access level for each staff member. Individual access levels can be defined not only at the screen and report level but also at the function level within each screen
. Respectively you can create different types of pre-set user accounts, which will speed up the process of getting new employees ready to work with the system.

Ordering of supplies is one of the most important activities for the management of any food establishment. Mistral software contains many integrated algorithms for calculating the quantity of the supplies being ordered so you can avoid overstocking or running out of something.

Supplies Entry
When you receive a product, which you have requested the process is completely automated. You can use a barcode scanner, a mobile terminal or an electronic scale connected to the module.
The software enters the supplies, while it automatically recalculates the average supply cost, defines new recipe costs, and tracks the origin of supplies via the accompanying documents.

Our software product enables you to define various pricelists, which can be valid for a given User during a given timeframe. The pricelists can be created in relation to already existing ones. You can also define a concrete price for a concrete product. In order to identify your clients you can use different types of cards – magnetic strip or contactless.

Recipe is an item, which is comprised of other items. When a recipe type item is sold, the system automatically calculates the quantities of all the comprising items and subtracts them. This module also provides automatic recalculation when entering larger quantities, attachment of pre-determined prepped food items, selection of mandatory modifiers, etc.

Menu Selection
Lunch menus are a way for a food establishment to attract more customers. Once you decide on offering a lunch combo meal, you can count on Mistral software to ensure that this process takes place quickly and easily. Furthermore, you can set up a dynamic menu, which allows the customer to select from a group of pre-set options and to receive a fixed price at the end of his or hers selection. 

Recipe Modifier
This is the much needed and valuable note, with which the server informs the kitchen of any special customer requests. The various modifiers can be attached to certain categories, so during the selection process only choices relevant to the recipe are displayed.

Report Generator
This software functionality enables you to create the reports you desire. In turn this will allow you to use this software product freely and independently, without the need for order reports or assistance from a qualified technician.

Table setup
You can draw the floor plan of your restaurant and respectively define the rooms and the number of tables, so the servers can easily access each table and quickly select the items ordered.

Sending Customer Orders
You can send customer orders to a kitchen printer or to other specialized terminals in the kitchen or the bar. This will allow you to save paper and to establish feedback between the server and the unit responsible for the order. This order can contain notes, modifiers, and menus.

Inventory Audit
Checking the inventory has never been easier. You will be able to see the quantities and the financial discrepancies displayed side by side. Since it is difficult to establish the amount of the discrepancies by sales price (many of the items sold are recipes or in other words are comprised of other items), Mistral software allows you to define the cost of the resources used.

Goods or recipes, which need to be accounted as a loss, can be deducted from what is in stock and entered into the system as loss. Information is available for each good accounted as a loss – the time it was accounted at and at what cost.

Supported peripheral devices
- most of the fiscal devices on the market;
- most of the popular order printers;
- most of the scales on the market;
- touch screen monitors;
- POS terminals;
- server tablets for taking customer orders;
- barcode scanners and mobile terminals.