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Operating a cafeteria establishment comes with its own set of specific needs. We paid special attention to these needs during the development of our software for use at this type of establishments. In order to further optimize the process we provide a self-serve system based on customer pre-order. How is this possible? Touchscreen monitors are conveniently positioned within the cafeteria. They enable the customers, who already have a loyalty card to view the next day menu and pre-order their meal. This capability in turn allows the cafeteria manager to easily and accurately prepare the menu for the next day. The customers, who hold these loyalty cards, can identify themselves and seamlessly communicate their menu selections to the employee on shift by a simple swipe of a card. The work process is facilitated, optimized, and sped up. This solution is quite appropriate for cafeterias, corporate resorts, institutions and other such sites, which regularly provide food for a certain group of people. You save time and so do your customers. You are able to plan your purchases. Last but not least your customers will be greatly satisfied by receiving the food they desire and not the food, which is available at the time of their visit. The higher the number of satisfied customers the greater your business success.

Typically the software supports two modules, Warehouse and Sales. Each module requires a different access level. The administrative activities are performed within the Warehouse module: a database is created, user access levels are defined, deliveries are logged, in-stock inventory is managed, etc. The Sales module is used for all sales related activities.
The software interface is flexible and has extensive functional capabilities. It will facilitate the duties performed by your employees and raise their productivity. Speed is one of the most important components in this type of activity. Our product will help you to find your own vision and style of work. You can modify the touchscreen settings to correspond to your taste and work needs – colors, pictures, and captions.


Some of the main software functional capabilities are as follows:

The orders allow you to create a list for the items to be delivered.

When logging a delivery you can track the last delivery cost, the difference between the delivered item cost and the average cost for the delivered item. Each delivery can be entered separately and can be logged along with the accompanying documents (invoice, receipt, etc.), mode of storage, mode of transportation, exact time of delivery, and expiration date

You can create different pricelists, which are to be valid for certain customers and if desired during a certain timeframe. The pricelist can be created globally (as a markup/discount on the main pricelist or the delivery pricelist) or separately for each item as a markup/discount percentage. You can assign pricelists to certain customer cards (for example: magnetic strip cards, which are used to access certain pricelists).


This functional capability permits you to create recipes or in other words to create an item for sale, which is comprised of other in-stock items. When selling this type of items, the system calculates the quantity of items comprising the recipe and subtracts them from the in-stock quantity. Additionally you can embed a recipe within the recipe and the system will subtract all the respective items from the in-stock quantity.

The Warehouse module of the software offers an extensive set of pre-defined reports. These reports are grouped as follows:
- Deliveries; Turnover; Loss; Sales; Stock Transfer; Employee Meal; Inventory Audit; Deleted Lines; Sold Products;
- Reevaluation; Reports; In Stock; Expenses; Open Accounts; Warehouses; User Report; Financial Operations;   
- Stock Operations; Returned Goods;   
All the reports can be set to encompass a pre-set timeframe (date, hour, minutes)
All operations within the Warehouse and Sales modules are recorded and can be displayed in a report (for each operation the needed information is supplied, including User and time).

Report Generator
This software functionality enables you to create the reports you desire. In turn this will allow you to use this software product freely and independently, without the need for order reports or assistance from a qualified technician.

Inventory Audit
Checking the inventory has never been easier. You will be able to see the quantities and the financial discrepancies displayed side by side. Since it is difficult to establish the amount of the discrepancies by sales price (many of the items sold are recipes or in other words are comprised of other items), Mistral software allows you to define the cost of the resources used.


Goods, which need to be accounted as loss can be taken out of the warehouse stock and entered in the system as loss. You can view information regarding when was the item accounted as loss, its value and whether it was accounted at sales price or delivery price.

Supported peripheral devices
- all fiscal printers and the majority of cash registers made in Bulgaria;
- all kitchen and label printers made in Bulgaria;
- all scales made by Elicom and Datecs;
- touchscreen module;
- POS terminals;