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Store Solutions

Store Solutions of Mistral software and Software solutions for trade and tourism

Now you can put an end to the chaos!

Improve your management capabilities, increase your revenue, and propel your business forward.

Mistral Retail Store will improve your control, your customer service level, and the speed of the operations within your establishment.

Mistral Retail Store supports a wide spectrum of specialized peripheral devices from various classes, so you can select the desired hardware in accordance with your functional requirements and budget. Thanks to its adaptive interface Mistral will meet even the most demanding of expectations. There are countless available setup options for your POS module as well as for the creation of unique scanning interfaces and new functional capabilities specific for your business needs.  

Mistral Retail Store focuses on developing solutions for weighing items directly from the cash register station – a solution that will save you money and will limit the possibility for customer misunderstandings. Another trend in the sphere of fast moving consumer goods is improving the ergonomics of the scanning station. With Mistral touch technologies you will receive a whole new level of services and will raise the productivity of your cashiers.