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Solutions for small shops

Solutions for small shops of Mistral software and Software solutions for trade and tourism

Naturally smaller commercial establishments are not as capable and willing to invest in management solutions. Usually they employ a few people and their owners often attempt to save money at the expense of their computer information system.

We at Mistral believe that smaller commercial establishments need functional and affordable management tools, therefore we have created the product Mistral Lite.

What is Mistral Lite?

This software product is limited to a single-computer use and contains all that is needed for the management of the establishment.

Mistral Lite is a flexible solution for any type of commercial activity – restaurants, retail stores, fast food eateries, etc. It contains many built-in mechanisms such as user-interface generator, document generator, report generator, etc. This rich set of features make Mistral Lite a must-have for any small business establishment.

The affordable price of this application and of all the needed peripheral devices makes it a preferred product on the market. Additionally we are constantly striving to offer promotional prices for complete package solutions utilizing Mistral Lite.