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Cloud loyalty

Cloud loyalty of Mistral software and Software solutions for trade and tourism

SALIRO – Cloud customer loyalty system for the management of discounts, marketing campaigns, charity causes, and analysis.

Mistral LLC. and AttractSoft GmbH partnered up in order to offer SALIRO.

What is SALIRO?
SALIRO was developed by AttractSoft GmbH and is fully integrated with Mistral products for developing customer loyalty programs and marketing management.

SALIRO is a complex customer loyalty system of the highest level. The main advantages it offers to the businesses, which employ it, are flexible customer discounts, accumulation of bonus points, and marketing sweepstakes.
SALIRO is a system aiming at optimizing the business processes and improving the two-way communication when working with customers. The system offers a rich set of tools for analysis of customer shopping habits and the ability to selectively communicate various messages, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

The SALIRO system also allows businesses to participate in various charity causes by allowing their customers to donate their accumulated bonuses, which additionally stimulates their loyalty.

Who can benefit from SALIRO?
The system targets chain restaurants, food and beverage establishments, retail stores, banks, telecom operators, gas stations, medical centers, pharmacies, transportation companies, and other business servicing end-users.

Business benefits:

Establishing a modern system for management and analysis of customer interests and behavior in a highly competitive environment within which it is difficult to differentiate products and services from one another.

Establishing a database of users and user profiles.

Establishing brand awareness and brand loyalty, which along with the high level of rewards provides high levels of customer retention.

Creation of strategic partnerships, thus forming a particular business ecosystem, which cannot be recreated by competitors and which provides a competitive edge for the businesses, which are part of it.

Two-way customer communication channel and better understanding of customer needs and behaviors, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Marketing benefits. Popularization of a brand among its customers.

System modules:

Module: Customer loyalty
Module: Website and online ordering
Module: Tablet menu

Module: Customer loyalty

Developing customer loyalty business coalitions:

Support of business coalition formation for the utilization of bonus points and discounts as a cross-business platform.

The system supports integration with already existing customer loyalty systems and customer loyalty cards.

Charity causes:

Support for the creation of charity causes within the system, which can be accessible only by a given business or can be accessible by all SALIRO members (if the cause is very big it is better to include more companies and users)

The charity causes will be published on the website of the respective business as well as on the SALIRO website.

User discounts:

Accumulation of points by shopping and using the customer loyalty card.

Cross-partnership discounts at various business locations.

”Full discount on location” (For example for a 100 BGN spent and a 10% discount, the customer pays 90 BGN)

”Full discount for charity” – the full amount of the discount is reflected in the user’s account and the sum is automatically donated. There is a report at the end of each month showing the generated amount for each cause by the business establishment. Each establishment is responsible for transferring the funds to the cause it supports (For example for a 100 BGN spent the customer pays 100 BGN and the business establishment is responsible to transfer the funds for charity if the charity is only available for this establishment. In case the charity if part of SALIRO CARD then the funds must be transferred to Saliro Foundation as per the appropriate documentation)

”Partial discount for charity” (Half of the discount is used on location and the other half is accumulated in the user account and automatically donated)

”Full discount accumulated in the user account” – the funds are accumulated in the user account and the user decides whether to donate the funds or withdraw them. (In this case the business establishment must transfer the sum for the accumulated discounts as per the appropriate documentation)